Excavation, Demolition, Sitework & Underground Utilities

We specialize in providing civil heavy construction contracting services to Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas.

Legacy 6, Inc is a family owned construction company built on the foundation of honor, integrity and excellence laid by the generation before us.

Our goal is to provide exceptional construction contracting services with exceptional value and to build strong, profitable relationships through honest business practices.

Residential Construction

  • Subdivisions

  • Sitework

  • Utilities

2 Lots to 200 Lots, we have the people, equipment, experience and energy to get it done.  Our multi-generational history in Southwest Washington also allows us to assist developers by having strong knowledge of the different ground types in Clark County and beyond and helps to better develop budgets and schedules while minimizing unexpected change orders.  While construction is moving in the field, we’ve got a support staff in the office pushing to help the client get the new lots recorded asap.  Our work doesn’t stop just because the site is paved – we’re not done until the client has recorded lots.

    Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Family

    • Apartments

    • Building Pads

    • Parking Lots

    • Retaining Walls

    • Utilities

    Having developed our own projects, we are able to see many things from the clients perspective.  Whether working for a developer directly or as a subcontractor onsite for a General, we have built our own projects from start to finish so we understand the importance of the schedule.  Everything we do is geared towards getting to Temporary Occupancy as quickly as possible and helping our clients get their Certificate of Occupancy.


    Clearing & Demolition

    • Land Clearing

    • Structural Demolition

    • Septic Abandonment

    • Well Abandonment

    Value Engineering

    Our years in the industry and the area have given us a unique perspective and allow us to look at projects from a ‘What would we do if this was our project’ perspective.  When we partner with a client on a job, we bring our experience, insight and excitement to the table.  This isn’t a service that we charge for, it is simply who we are and how we do business.


    Moving material and equipment is critical to the success of any project.  Our fleet of Super Solos, Truck and Pups, Transfers, Side Dumps, End Dumps, Lowboys and Conveyor Trucks helps assure that our projects run smoothly and on time.